Sandy Beach
Things You May Need To Know

What should I expect from our initial meeting?

Your first meeting will last for approximately an hour and it will give us both an opportunity to see how counselling might be useful for you. It will also give both of us the opportunity to find out if we feel comfortable working with each other. In some cases a second meeting may be necessary to further assess whether I can meet your needs and provide the right treatment for you.

How many sessions will I need?

This depends on the particular issues that you want to address. I am able to work time-limited, open-ended or long-term. I generally suggest that we contract initially for four or six sessions and then review the work to consider whether you wish to continue.

How often should I attend?

We will agree to meet on a weekly basis, usually on the same day and time of each week. Sessions will last for an hour.

How do I arrange an assessment appointment?

Please call my mobile number or email me giving your name and contact number or email address and a suitable time for me to call to arrange a date for an assessment appointment.

Do I have to use the Arts?

You do not have to use the arts. I may invite you to do this from time to time, although there is no obligation to do so. If you do take the plunge you may find that working with the arts can provide new insights and discoveries and can give a different dimension to the therapeutic process if you remain open to it. You do not have to have any aptitude for the arts or have any experience in using them.

How much will it cost?
Assessment appointment £40.00
Individual sessions £40.00 per session
Couple counselling £40.00 per session