Sandy Beach
How I Work

I practice integrative psychotherapy which means I draw on the different therapeutic models of working, which enables me to work with each client differently. Together we could decide on what you need from therapy, how we can best work together and which approach would benefit you most. In practice psychotherapy and counselling have common characteristics. Both look at a wide variety of personal issues and provide support through different life experiences. Counselling tends to be shorter term work and may focus on a specific problem, whereas pyschotherapy can focus on more complex issues, exploring the problem in greater depth. I am able to offer you both short and long term work.

Sandy Beach

Using the Arts

As I am a qualified Arts Psychotherapist you may choose to work with the arts, which can give you further insight and another perspective in helping you to understand your difficulties. This can add another dimension to the work and can help to give you a greater awareness of any issues you may wish to explore. Many people find that the use of the arts can provide a different way of expressing deeply felt emotions and experiences that they cannot communicate by words alone. There are several different art form to choose from and you do not need to be an artist to work in this way. I would support you to connect with all aspects of yourself and I would work with you as a whole. I would encourage you to connect to any feelings you experience and try to make sense of these. The results can be powerful and surprising. Creating images through any art form can make known aspects of your self that may previously have been hidden. The process of self-discovery can tap into previous unknown potential, and greater sense of knowing who you truly are. Working with the arts' in psychotherapy can be playful and vibrant. You will discover that it is a creative process that is not about the end product or technique. The approach is adaptable and flexible and does not concentrate on artistic value. Any one can use the arts to gain insight to their problems and it can be benficial for all who decide to use it.

Couple Work

I am also qualified to work with couples. If you are having difficulties in your relationship I may be able to help. Ideally couple counselling can help where both parties would like to explore any problems between them. Sometimes both parties do not wish to attend and in this case one of the individuals may choose to explore their feelings alone about their relationship or any difficulties they are experiencing within it.